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Rules and Regulations

By your participation in this tournament, you agree to comply with the following rules, and agree to submit to and pass a polygraph test or similar truth test to qualify for the receipt of any prize. Test will be given randomly to teams at Crappie Masters East Texas events.  If you are in violation of any of the rules you will be disqualified from that tournament (weights will be zeroed and any winnings will be returned to the organization) and you will not be allowed to compete in the following event.  If you receive a second violation you will be unable to compete the rest of the season and possibly indefinitely depending on severity of the violation.

  1. You may enter alone or with a partner of your choice. No more than 2 persons allowed in a participating boat during tournament hours. Your original partner is the only person allowed to fish in state and national championship with you. You are allowed 2 substitutions throughout the regular season. Substitution may not be a guide on lake the competition is being held

  2. In the case of extreme weather or water conditions we shall have the right to postpone or cancel any tournaments with the return of entry fees.

  3. Lines in 6am. Lines out 3pm. Must be in weigh in line by 4pm.Fishing hours will be posted on Crappie Masters East Texas Facebook page prior 30 days prior to each event if there is a change in Time. You will also receive a rules sheet at each event.

  4. Entry fee is $110 per team and this includes big fish.

  5. Side pot $100 per team. Pays 50% to 1st and 30% to 2nd and 20% to 3rd

  6. Teams must comply with all state boating regulations.

  7. Any minor who participates, must have a parent or guardian present at registration to sign a release form to allow polygraph test if required by tournament director.

  8. Big fish entries are included in tournament entry. One big fish per entry. Fish must be marked with designated tie wraps prior to coming to the scales.

  9. Crappie Masters membership is required to fish all Crappie Masters East Texas Events. You must register online with Crappie Masters $50 per person.

  10. No fishing within 50 ft of any boats. A safe distance of 50ft should be maintained at all times.

  11. No one can be hired, compensated, or offered compensation in any way to fish with you, mark spots for you or help you gain a competitive advantage in any way 30 days prior to any event. Also you may not communicate with persons who are not competing in event in order to gain a competitive advantage in any way such as waypoints,, locations,baits,etc...

  12. If one team member needs to leave the boat the other may continue to fish. The person that left the boat may not return unless tournament director is contacted and approves.

  13. Limit of 8 lines in the water

  14. Binoculars are not allowed during tournament hours

  15. The use of mobile communication devices to communicate information during tournament hours is prohibited.

  16. No one may spot fish for you during tournament hours

  17. Crappie must be hooked through the lip or in the mouth and must be landed by rod or pole by a team member. Landing nets may be used.

  18. No hole sitting by a competitor or a non-competitor during the tournament will be allowed.

  19. Live or artificial bait is allowed.

  20. All fish must be brought to weigh in line in a 25qt cooler or larger. Failure to bring your fish to weigh in line in appropriate cooler will result in disqualification. Fish must be alive to weigh in. If you have dead fish they will be removed and the live fish will be weighed. Fish must remain in weigh in line at all times. No bags allowed.

  21. All fish must be legal length. Bringing a short fish to the scales will result in a disqualification.

  22. In case of a tie, big fish will break the tie.

  23. AOY will be the team with the most points from their top 6 events of the 7 regular season events.

  24. Must fish at least 4 events to qualify to fish State Championship.

  25. Trailering will be aloud at all events. You will check in at designated area for livewell checks and will be given a voucher for weigh in.

  26. You may run your electronic devices/live sonar to scan prior to start of tournament.

  27. Any complaints must be made in written form within 30 minutes of weigh in. Complaint must be given to tournament director.  Also, any photos or videos of violations would be great.

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